About Me

Hi, my name's Romi Fauzi, and have always been passionate about game development. Even since I was little. Before realizing my interest in game development, as any other kid, I played a lot of games and often wondered how all those games were created. One day around 1992-1993, my mother said one thing that made a huge impact in my life:

 “If you want to create games, you should learn how to program”

Soon after, I started learning BASIC language programming. It was different era back then. Our computer was a 8086 XT model and BASIC was the only programming language we had. Also, I was 9 years old then.

Despite my best effort to understand the concept, syntax and the logics behind programming at that time, it was just too complex for a 9-year old, so I decided to stop. All I did, was retyping a code from a programming magazine, and tried to run that. But honestly, I didn’t understand the codes, not one bit.

I wanted to carry on and not long after, I accidentally found a game authoring engine. No programming knowledge required! I started designing game, which brought me to learn 3D animation.

In 2013, I was introduced to Unity and after 7 years of 3D animations, I decided to once again pursue my childhood dream. Game developing has never been easier with Unity and Hutonggames Playmaker (add-ons for Unity).

In case you were wondering, what does the name "Milkish" mean, it's an acronym of the names from my three kids.

Happy gaming and developing!