Bubur Ayam Rush Press Kit

Welcome to Bubur Ayam Rush Press Kit - a unique food merchant game!

Here you can find all information & materials of our newest game Bubur Ayam Rush. 


  • Developer: Milkish Game Studio
  • Art & programming: Romi Fauzi
  • Music & Sound FX: Erik Djanuismadi
  • Release Date: September 24th 2016
  • Platform : Android
  • Download Page: Play Store
  • Price: Free
  • Age Rating: 3+
  • Press Contact: support@milkishgames.com
  • Website: http://www.milkishgames.com/games/bubur-ayam-rush


Bubur Ayam Rush is a fast-paced cooking food management game from Milkish Game Studio, you'll play as a Chicken porridge seller becoming a World Class Chicken porridge Restaurant! It's FREE and addictive!

Bubur Ayam is one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia. In this game you'll cook porridge, mix it with toppings, and also upgrade and manage your toppings and skills as you progress and serve as many customer as possible!


  • a fun cooking & serve game
  • Simple, precise fast-paced Tap and Swipe control
  • Google achievement
  • Google saved games, save can be loaded onto other devices!
  • Easy to play, Hard to master!
  • Bonus Stage!
  • Also get rewards by sharing via Facebook



It started back on August 2015, when I was just about started learning Unity C#, transitioning from Playmaker (which is a visual scripting for Unity). I often ate bubur ayam for breakfast, and there is a really tasty one near my house. So one day I thought why don't I make one game about that certain dish. I started research food games like Diner Dash and the likes. Luckily my wife like to play those games a lot, so I got my self a quite reliable beta tester, and a lot of inputs regarding the gameplay for her. After developing the prototype I had to postpone the project, and then continue working on it on July 2016.

Bubur Ayam Rush - Promo Trailer