Unnamed(yet) Spygame

Hi Guys, recently I’ve started developing a new game for the tablet and smartphone devices. It will be a stealth kind of game, but with tap and move mechanism. I’m still researching though for the best gameplay, so no details yet as for the gameplay at the moment. Gonna keep the polycount really low, maybe just diffuse texture or perhaps diffuse and normal for the texture. If you guys have any thoughts, would love to hear it!

What I’ve done so far:

The Main/Hero Character


Enemy (Type A) Model

Enemy A

This is a sketch for one kind from many bosses:



The Finished Boss Model:

BossAFinal BossA_Faceupdate

And an animated gif, showing the tap and move mechanism

progress gameplay 01


I’m doing this game all alone at this moment, so progress might be slow 🙁



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